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C&E 25 feet 28 awg HDMI Cable [7.6 Meters – 1 Pack] 4K HDMI…

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Price: ₹1,149.00 - ₹799.00
(as of May 28,2022 07:59:08 UTC – Details)


HDMI is the only cable that can transfer uncompressed high-definition video and multi channel digital audio in resolutions higher than 1080p. These high speed HDMI cables are convenient because they will allow the transfer of digital audio and video in a single cable, permitting a less confusing mess of wires and a cleaner entertainment center. They are backward compatible to all previous versions. Moreover you will get HDMI and Ethernet cable within one cable. It is CL2 rated HDMI cable. Gold-plated HDMI cables are of a higher grade, and they are better and larger conductors.
Best cable for 1080p also supports 4k x 2k video and more colour spare, high speed band width support 10.2gbps and above.
Full shield and gold plated connectors for better image / sound quality/ stable signal transmit and more durable.
This all-in-one hdmi with Ethernet cable can share your internet connection with multiple devices, no separate Ethernet cable needed.
It has an audio return channel (arc) that combines both the audio and video channel in one cable, Rohs and hdcp (high-bandwidth digital content

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