DUNGRANI ENTERPRISE Poke-Moon Assorted Playing Card Game for…

Price: ₹1,999.00 - ₹499.00
(as of Sep 25,2022 15:09:35 UTC – Details)

Poke-moon Sword and Poké-moon Shield Chilling Region Style
Playing Card Game
Do you feel like taking your opponent down with a single, powerful punch or seizing victory with clever, technical attacks that keep your opponent guessing? You’ll soon get your choice with the release of the Poke-moon Sword and Poké-moon Shield Chilling Region Style expansion.
The expansion will debut an exciting new gameplay mechanic called Battle Styles, introducing two different forms of attack: Single Strike and Rapid Strike.
The former is the Poké-moon equivalent of throwing a knockout punch; the latter is like a chess game using tactical attacks to build steadily to victory.
This Cards Game Multicolor Cartoon-Box Pack contains 4 Booster Pack Etch Pack In 9 Pokemon Cards, cards Total of 36 Cards in the box.
Each collectible card and playing card highlights and describes each Poke-moon character on the cards.
This amazing set of cards helps your kids develop skills such as analysis and critical thinking, attention building, curiosity building, hand-eye coordination, memory building, problem-solving, social skills, and planning.
You Love To Ply These Cards Because Of An Attractive Case And The Cards Are So Cool In Looks When You Hold The Card In The Hand You Are Just Going To LOVE With These Cards.
Just Collect It, And Start Playing Now
Best Gift For Kids.
GIVE YOUR COLLECTION A BOOST: Includes 4 Sword & Shield Chilling Reign booster packs containing 9 cards each to advance your collection to a new level.
YOUR BEST ODDS FOR RARE CARDS: This booster Pack is factory sealed to prevent packs from being weighed or mapped. No more fear of valuable insert cards being removed.
BECOME THE GREATEST TRAINER: Will you find Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX, Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX, or Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres?
GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL: The Poke-moon Sword & Shield Chilling Reign expansion brings over 190 brand new cards to collect. Will you find them all?

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