How Marketing is Making the World a Better Place?


This article is all about my first step in Digital Marketing and my basic understanding of it.

Digital Marketing is also a way of business where goods and services are supplied to solve the customer’s problem. The only difference is that the supply takes place through the digital medium.

Many of you may have come across the word ‘Digital Marketing’ and are also opting for it as a career. Have you ever thought why? just because it’s a trending career to choose? Are people approaching it the right way? Let’s know more about it in the following article.

This article consists of the basic idea of:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Economics
  • Digital v/s Traditional Marketing
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Brand

This article will give you a basic idea about the topics listed above. This article is for all who are just getting started with Digital Marketing, Students, etc.

According to my own perspective Marketing is the process of creating value, communicating that value with the audience, Delivering the value, and Exchanging that value against the transaction.

Fundamentals of Marketing

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Marketing is based on science and not on creativity. It starts even before the product is created. Marketing at its core level contains 4 P namely:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place

These are the main concepts around which the medium and strategy revolve. Let’s see in short what these P’s mean

  •  Product – The thing which the company sells in the form of service or physical good.
  •  Price – It is what people are willing to pay for the product based on the competition of the market.
  •  Promotion – It is a process to make awareness of the product in the audience.
  •  Place – The product should be placed in the right place for it to be in the market for a longer period.
  •  Demand creates its own supply.
  •  Creating a product with attractive offers and pushing it to the target audience will not make sales.

Why communication skills are important in marketing?

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Communication is not only important in marketing but in all fields be it any, but here we are viewing from the marketing perspective.

Communication skills help you to move your product from one end to another i.e., from creator to the consumer, manufacturers to the end-users, etc. It helps maintain relationships and better connect with the customers, builds trust, and it brings everyone on the same base.

In marketing, business communication is important for creating effective campaigns, resonating with target audiences, and making people do a transaction(purchase).

The better you communicate and the more you share your message, the more of the internet you own. It will allow you to increase your share of contribution in the arena of the Internet.

This will help you build social authority, brand recognition, and identity. A few simple tasks to improve on communication skills are reading more, writing more with practice comes the real strength.


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  • When the average age of the country goes up, the economy sees growth. The average age of an Indian is 27.
  •  Debt creates money, as the young population of India will age, they will need more goods and services. This will create more demand. More loans will be given by banks. More interests levied means more money created in the economy. This will cause more growth.
  •  During the recession, only strong and trusted companies will survive. The weak ones die off. People will continue to pay for value. If you are able to build trust and better connect with your customers by giving enough value, they will need you.

If an individual does a basic calculation keeping the numbers in mind we realize that there is a lot of space for small businesses in the Indian digital market if the right approach, tactics, and medium are chosen.

Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

Types of marketing
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There is no difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing except the medium they use for marketing. The basic concepts and fundamentals are the same in both types of marketing. Traditional Marketing is from the time of human existence until the 1990’s it was the only way of marketing.

Digital Marketing uses social media channels while Traditional Marketing uses billboards, pamphlets, etc, It isn’t that from the evolution of Digital Marketing the Traditional Marketing has been stopped or is not in use anymore. Traditional Marketing now also is as important as it was 20 years ago, some sets of audiences are only targeted by using TV commercials and magazines.

It is expected that the Digital Marketing industry is going to grow even more as the number of internet users increases. The key to a great marketing campaign is to find the right balance between traditional and digital.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated marketing
Source: Digital Deepak

Integrated Digital Marketing is like a team where all the techniques work together in order to help each other to get good results. Content Marketing plays a key role in following other techniques. It will make use of each technique’s strengths and produce a result that is more than the sum of the individual achievements of each technique. A few of them are Content, Email, Social media, Search, Ads, etc.

  •  Content – Quality, and relevancy of the content help establish authority, build trust, engage the audience with the brand, and spread the word with your own customers. Also helps in educating the customers about the industry and your product or service.
  •  Email – The best communication tool available to online marketers today. It works best when used with permission to opt-in and opt-out. Helps in sending out information about new content and following up with the prospects to remind them about the product or service they want to buy. This is the only communication medium we own.
  •  Search – It helps potential customers to find your content and your offering by directly searching for it. One of the most powerful tools in online marketing and works best when you do not try to manipulate it. Doing basic on-page SEO and then doing all the other things right should be enough to get loads of targeted traffic from the search engines.
  •  Ads – Paid ads in their various formats can help speed up the entire process. The integrated digital marketing process is like a catalyst for ads that maximize the return on investment on every penny spent.

CATT Funnel

Source: Digital Deepak

If you have a goal to generate a certain amount of wealth in a certain amount of time then CATT Funnel is the best way. Where wealth = n^CATT
Where n = Niche
C = Content
A = Attention
T = Trust
T = Transaction

The image above explains it all. As people want to hear from people and not from brands, this funnel comes in handy.

Personal Branding

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As soon as I hear the word personal branding the word MassTrust created my Digital Deepak comes to my mind. A personal brand is the building block that will lead to success for your future.

marketing funnel
Source: Digital Deepak

It can help you reach any number of goals, both personal and professional, and it can also lead to many opportunities for advancement in your career. It’s the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands.

This is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization.

The key takeaways from this article:

  1. Study fundamentals, learn new trends, and practice the skills because you only learn by doing.
  2. Read more, write more to improve communication skills.
  3. Create more content, creating more improves the quality.
  4. Always be ready to take feedbacks and keep track of it to do better.

Let me know if you think there are more that needs to be added?

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