My Way to “ReleaseMyAd” Internship.

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In this blog post, I’m going to share my experience gained through my first ever internship done with ‘releaseMyAd’. Initially, it was a very difficult task to get selected for the internship but at last, made it through. To be honest I was not even near to marketing and never thought I would ever pick it up.

I got to know about the internship opportunities available from one of my colleagues and then started to find one. After some failures, ups, and downs, Finally got a chance to intern with a company named “ReleaseMyAd”.


Let’s know briefly about this company and what it does, it’s an advertisement company which provides services to advertise on any platform such as TV, Radio, Cinema, Newspapers, etc.

releaseMyAd structure:

It also provides virtual internships to the student which is basically worked from home. It provides internships in the field of content marketing, digital marketing, etc. You can improve your skills and get hands-on through this internship program. Let’s know-how it works, it provides you with few tasks which you have to complete and submit within the given timeline. And with every task, you complete there were few points getting added to your profile which will be useful to identify the top performer.

Once the task is completed and submitted into their portal it will be evaluated by the experts within the next 24 hours. If the task submitted by you meets all the necessary requirements given in the list then it will be approved. If the task is not approved you get another chance to redo it and submit it again.

The bonus is that if you are a top performer you will be paid a good amount of stipend. Overall it was a good experience working here. I got to learn different things and I also come across various tools that are very useful.

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