Niche Will Make You Tons Of Cash Blogging. Here’s How!

Starting a blog can be your passion, your way out of the corporate world, etc. Blog is one of the ways to spend more time with your family, be location-independent and travel the world. It can be your place for creative writing.

It can be so many great things but at the very beginning, everything seems so overwhelming! Especially the burden of making choices. Not only the technical part of the process, like which hosting provider to use, where to buy Domain from, which website building platform, etc. But the most difficult decision is to choose the blog niche or the main topic for your website.


You have to think and come up with a niche that will be profitable but at the same time, it has to be something that you are genuinely interested in writing about and working upon. Otherwise, you will have an early burnout. We will dive deep and talk about the niche in some other article.

I don’t know any of you personally and I have no idea what you would be interested in writing and researching. But I can tell you what are the most profitable blogging niches out there when we dive deep into the topic of the niche in some other article.

How to research and choose a niche:

So, in this article, I will first tell you how to research and choose your blog niche or topic that is based on current trends and forecasts for 2021 and beyond. These are the best blog niches that make a good amount of money.


Things to consider and research before you start your Blogging career journey:

In this article, I will not even mention choosing any technical stuff or design elements, marketing, or other content-related tasks. I will focus only on the steps leading up to the selection of a topic decision.

Explore Your Interests and Expertise:


It is very important to choose a topic for your blog that you are passionate about, or at least interested in. Otherwise, it can become very tedious very quickly. My quick advice is to explore the intersection of your interests or expertise, hobbies, past experiences, and so on, with trending topics or what might interest others.

Find a problem to solve or a unique voice to provide, and you’ll be on the right track to focusing on a good popular blog topic and making money.



When thinking about blog topics that will you make money, you need to give some thought to the methods of monetization. How are you going to turn the visits to your blog and pageviews into a source of income? The most popular options include advertising, affiliate or referral programs, making and selling your own products or services, and alternative support methods, such as Patreon. Why do you have to consider this in the context of blog niche ideas?

Well, it is because the best monetization methods are different for different niches. For example, with a food blog or a home décor blog, and similar niches to it, the easiest way to start making money would be with ads. That is possible because you will be able to get a lot of traffic in similar niches. For example, from the platform of Pinterest.

In other more narrow or business-related topics, you will not ever get as much traffic, and making money with ads on such topics is not worth spending time on and it doesn’t make much sense when you can offer high-ticket affiliate products or sell your own services or digital products.



You would want to come up with a few blog niche ideas when you brainstorm, and then research each one. It’s very important that you spend some time doing keyword research and looking at your competition.

How will you differentiate yourself from others? Some of the most profitable and popular blogging niches have a lot of competition in them already. And if you don’t bring something unique to the table, you may not be successful in the long run. That is why we are stressing again it is possible that an extremely niche blog, with limited competition. That otherwise doesn’t appear on our most profitable blog niche list below, may in fact be the best choice for you.

Do your research well before going live!

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