Reviewing The Experience Of The Decision That Changed My Life.

This article is all about the review and experience of the decision that I made which changed my life. I was not sure about this decision at first but slowly and gradually it built confidence in me and I went along with it and achieved what I always wanted. As said by Mandy Hale “Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you’re going next.”

Let me take you there from where it started. One day I was randomly surfing my social media and suddenly I came across a post that says “Get paid to learn”. At first, I was confused and thought how is this possible? and I had a look into it and found out that it is a Digital Marketing Internship program by Digital Deepak. I wondered who is Digital Deepak? How he is able to afford such a thing because never heard of anyone doing anything like that. Where everyone else takes money to teach he is paying money to learn. I was not sure about this and did not react at that time and in course of time several times I came across the same post. It sounded interesting to me so, I filled out the form which was linked to that post.

Even after that, I was not sure to go with it. I started receiving emails from Digital Deepak and the value he provided before even joining the internship program in the emails was very helpful which was not available anywhere. Those emails were his experiences he had which ultimately tells us not to do the mistakes he did. I was in a dilemma about whether to go with the program or not? I wanted to join as I found it something unique and at the same point do not wanted to join as we need to pay some security deposit for the program.

We will talk later in the article about the security deposit but first, let me tell you about the program. Finally, it was the day of the webinar for which I was waiting since I saw the post for the very first time where he explained each and everything about the program which made things very clear. The structure of the program, Why Digital Marketing?, How he is able to afford to do such kind of program, Security deposit, Earnings, Learnings, Etc. At the end of the webinar, he revealed the amount of security deposit and the earnings one can make from the internship program though the security deposit amount was not high I was still not sure to go with it. There is a very limited number of seats in the Internship program and the seats were getting filled on the spot. I was just wishing the seats do not get filled as I still needed some time to think about it.

Earlier I did a few online courses but did not find much use as there was no proper execution shown. I thought a lot about it and finally decided to join the program as this program is based on execution and you only earn in the program if you execute. I thought even if I did not earn all the money in the form of cash backs that I paid for I will get the learnings that I get from executing which was lacking. The program was beautifully designed in such a way that all the money you paid in the form of a security deposit is distributed against every task and assignment. I will not talk about the security deposit and earnings in this article as it keeps changing from batch to batch so, I would recommend you to join the program as soon as possible to get extra benefits.

By the time I arrange money for the program the security deposit payment link was not working and I was very upset as I missed the chance for the batch I was trying to enroll as Digital Deepak already told in the webinar that the security deposit and earnings will keep changing from batch to batch. After a few days, I received a communication from him stating that he is going to do another webinar for the same batch which made me happy, and as soon as the link was available to pay for the security deposit I paid and got enrolled.

After enrolling, there were few formalities to complete like filling out the forms that were necessary for the internship program. It is an intense 16 weeks program structured in such a way that all the topics from beginner to advance get covered. Digital Deepak sent every student a personalized gift who enrolled themselves into the program which gave a personal touch to the program. Apart from the training, there are live Q and A sessions to clear doubts and with each topic, there is an assignment that is to be completed in order to receive the cashback. There is a deadline to complete the task and a 100% assignment approval guarantee. You get another chance to submit the assignment if in case it gets rejected.

The program started with a very good welcome call which boosted the confidence and motivation. You get a community of like-minded people along with this program and a community of like-minded people keeps you motivated and focused all the time. There is also a dedicated support team to help you throughout the program if you get stuck somewhere during the program. The best part is that after the internship program is finished the team helps you to opt for a Job, Freelancing, Mentoring, etc. based on your interest.


I highly recommend this internship program because it not only teaches about Digital Marketing but also it is an overall personality development program. There are many chances that you can earn more money than you paid. This is the best decision of my life that I ever made by opting for this life-changing internship program, the main motive of this program is to learn by doing approach. After joining this internship program I realized how important it is to have a mentor, and that was the main reason the other online programs did not work/failed. Digital Deepak is providing cashback for each assignment and you earn all the money you paid as a security deposit. You ask what is he getting by doing this as he is giving all the money he takes for the program. By this he is trying to build his brand and trying to create a quality name in this industry so, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The road might be long, The journey may be challenging and full of dangers. Take a rest, if you must, but never turn back. Your very next step can be your moment of triumph. Your very next battle can be your greatest victory. Keep walking warrior.

I was doing a 9-5 job when I enrolled in this program and it was getting a little difficult for me to adjust with the timings. I was not happy with the job I was doing so, I decided to quit my job and dedicate all my time doing the internship program. I have never seen such a program in my life which provides such a high value and I guess no one ever can provide it.

This is the right time if you want to join the program. Technically the Internship program is free. I will be providing my affiliate link through which you can join this intense internship program. So, that it can be a Win-Win for both of us. Right?

Link to join the program:

Disclosure – The link I shared is an affiliate link i.e., if anyone of you ends up enrolling in the internship program using the link I provided, I will make a small commission while it doesn’t cost anything extra for you resulting in a Win-Win situation for both of us.

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