soni enterprise pjp 12v 7 amp battery charger with 7ah to…

41NkZ HgH+L41GWv2SRwIL41v3GH1HpyL
Price: ₹2,499.00 - ₹1,659.00
(as of Nov 28,2021 17:56:53 UTC – Details)


SMPS Based, Automatic cut off Battery charger Suitable to charge 12AH – 220AH, 12V Lead acid – VRLA, SMF, Flooded Batteries. Protection Against Short Circuit,Over Load and Reverse Battery connection. LED Indications – Power ON, Battery Charging status (Charging, Battery Ready) and Reverse Battery Connection. Light Weight, Wall Mountable, Metallic Enclosure with Epoxy Powder coating, Easy to Handle. 7 Amps,12Volts Fully automatic selectable battery charger. Charge any re-chargeable battery within a limited time. Ideal fOR Scooter/Bike,Car, Jeep, Generator – applications. Fully automatic boost/float cutoff charger. Automatic over charge and over discharge protections. Battery reverse protection with indication. Fully Copper Coil Transformer Attachment (FCCTA). Charge level indications with Ammeter. Battery Charger 7 Amps-12V automatic with ammeter and indications., Charge any re-chargeable battery (12AH-220AH)within a limited time. Ideal for Car, Jeep, Generator – applications., Fully automatic boost/float cutoff charger., Automatic over charge and over discharge protections., Battery reverse protection with indication., Fully Copper Coil Transformer Attachment (FCCTA)., Charge level indications with Ammeter. Made for any automotive and SMF/VRLA/Tubular batteries capacity 12Ah up to 220Ah, It’s a fully automatic battery charger,can connect permanently, Avid to connect low Ah battery ( bike/ scooter batteries),it can’t possible with these model. SMPS based, Input voltage = 230 V AC supply Max output voltage = 14.5 Volts Max Current = 7 Amps Short circuit protection REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION Current Limited Charging method = CCCV

Can Convert AC 220V into DC 12V Output.
Reverse indication/protection.12V 7 Ampere Output.
SMPS Technology.

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