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Why SST? Functional Tea Naturally, LOSE 2-3 kg monthly 100% Natural – NO Chemical added Anti-Constipation Rich in Antioxidants Prevents Gastric problem No Side Effects — Blend of Known Global Natural Ancients Herbs 100% Herbal- Natural Way to Healthy Weight Loss. Natural Laxative Formulation, Anti-Constipation. Highly Rich in Antioxidants.No interference with body metabolism. Recommended balanced but NOT Restricted diet.To Enhance the result, walk 30 minutes. No Side Effects How to Use SST? Easy To Use, Drink SST after 30 min. of lunch and dinner regularly. To prepare SST, dip tea bag in 300 ml of boiled water for 8 to 10 min. Drink like normal hot tea Simple Do’s and Don’ts :- Do’s 1. Please drink SST after 30 minutes of lunch and dinner. 2. Eat natural and fresh green vegetables for a healthier diet. 3. Eat salads as they are effectively burn excessive fat. 4. Avoid excessive fatty/fried meals regularly. 5. A 30 minute regular walk is HIGHLY recommended. Don’ts:- 1. Don’t skip breakfast. 2. Don’t drink SST empty or light stomach. 3. Don’t drink cold water/juice/any fizzy drink along with meal. 4. Don’t take ice cream with or after the meal. Testimonials (Medical Doctors) SST is certified by Weight management seminar and obesity clinic conducted by 1.Dr.Amrita Dhar (Consultant Dietician & Nutritionists),Sevenhills Hospital,Mumbai. 2.Dr.Bhakti Samant(Senior Dietician & Nutritionist),Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital 3.Dr Shweta Rastogi(Research Head of Gurunanak Hospital Mumbai) Clinical trials done.4. Dr.Elein Candy(H.N.Hospital ,Mumbai).
Tested By NABL Accredited German Lab as per FSSAI guidelines, Stop Dieting!! Lose Naturally, Prevent weight gain from current level. Feel light and energetic throughout the day.
Reduce 2-3 kg weight per month gradually and naturally without dieting and vigorous exercise. Anti-Constipation function
Rich in Antioxidant- prevents formation of free radicals and boosts immunity, Helps in stomach related disorders like acidity, gastritis and indigestion.
100% Herbal- Natural Way to Healthy Weight Loss · Natural Laxative Formulation – Anti-Constipation · Highly Rich in Antioxidants. Helps in stomach related disorders like acidity, gastritis and indigestion.

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