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From the manufacturer

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In nature, Swifts are fast, agile, purposeful birds. They understand their job, and they accomplish it simply, and elegantly. Swift Mounts are very similar. Not a bunch of frills – the products are simple, efficient, economical, robust, and fast to install. 25+ years of success has come to Swift by being nimble, focused, and committed to delivering products that meet this mission, which allows Swift Mounts to meet the needs of valued customers.

High Performance Full Function Wall Mounts at Great Prices Low Profile Designs Offer Subtle, Close-to-Wall Installation Easy Installation

Swift Mount SWIFT140-AP Multi-Position TV Wall Mount for TVs up to 25-inch

The SWIFT140-AP is a multi-position TV wall mount for flat panel TVs up 33 lbs (to 25”). Profile is only 2.09″ from the wall when retracted, and 10.7″ when extended. It is VESA compatible with hole patterns 75×75, and 100x100mm. The SWIFT140-AP multi-position TV mount not only saves valuable shelf space or floor space, but it also safely secures your TV to the wall preventing it from accidentally tipping over. Its easy to assemble design allows for quick installation. It tilts, swivels, extends, and pans, which allows adjustment for optimal viewing angles, or viewing from multiple rooms. This feature also makes it an ideal mount to position a TV into a corner of a room.

Swift Mount Models are generally shipped in sturdy, plain brown boxes with a label. This is done to maximize sturdiness for shipping, while saving the consumer a bit of money versus glossy, multi-color retail boxes.

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VESA Compatibility Explained

Types of Mounts & Their Benefits Flat to Wall TV Mounts: These fixed-position, low profile TV mounts are a great choice where a sleek, close to the wall appearance is most important, and managing light, reflections, and glare are not a concern. Tilt TV Mounts: Tilting TV Mounts are well suited for managing reflections and glare. Wall mounts with a tilt function also enable a TV to be mounted in a higher wall position to tilt your screen downwards for optimal viewing. This is great for bedrooms, and in commercial settings like restaurants, boardrooms, and lobbies. Full Motion TV Mounts: Articulating, Cantilever, Multi-Position TV mounts are ideal for positioning your TV into a corner or for providing the ability to re-position a TV for viewing from multiple locations, angles, or rooms. Design of multi-position TV mounts allow adjustments of pan, swivel, tilt and extension for optimal TV placement.

Details to Consider when Choosing

Flat panel TVs are ideally suited to be wall mounted. Wall mounting a TV can create extra space and give a stylish uncluttered look to your room. The slim profile of flat-panel TVs means that the TV can be discreetly placed flat against a wall or the position and angle can be adjusted when installed on a tilt mount, or full-motion mount.

VESA Compatibility:

Nearly all TVs have a square or rectangular mounting pattern on the rear of the TV. Most TVs use one of the standard shapes referred to as a VESA mounting pattern. All Swift Mount flat panel mounts are VESA compliant and specify the minimum and maximum VESA standard they will fit. Many Swift TV mounts also fit non-VESA-compliant monitors and TVs. Your TV owner’s manual will state the VESA (or non-VESA) mounting specs. If you no longer have the manual, you can measure the space between the mounting holes (in millimeters) and match it to the specs of the Swift Mount TV mount.

TV Size:

The size of mount to choose is dependent on the screen size of your TV. Swift Mount has flat panel mounts in three categories: Small, Medium, Large/XL. Overlap exists between size categories, as some mounts are compatible with a wide range of screen sizes.

TV Weight:

Another important consideration is the weight of the TV. This specification can be found in the owner’s manual for the TV. Rigorous internal quality procedures at the design and manufacture stages are supplemented by independent third party testing leading to quality and safety accreditation’s. To assure safety and performance, Swift Mount products are tested to hold four times the weight recommended for each product, but please do not exceed the recommended weight specification.

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You Can Do It!

a8c14224 6909 41c5 b4e4 0bdad453cdcd. SR230,100a8c14224 6909 41c5 b4e4 0bdad453cdcd. SR230,100 Use a Stud Finder to Mount – Do Not Mount onto Drywall Only.

Below is a list of hints and tips that will help with the installation of your Swift Mount product.

Before Installation Check that the Wall is of a Suitable Standard and Void of any Services (Electricity, Gas, Water Etc.) Remove Dust from Drill Holes Tech Trick – for Easier Install, Lubricate Screw Thread with Soap When affixing to a Wood Stud Make Sure the Screw is in the Center of the Wood Stud Do NOT Over Tighten TV Screws After Installation, Periodically Check All Nuts and Bolts are Tight You Will Not Need All Provided Parts, Depending Upon the Specifications of your TV Expect Some Left Over Parts Enjoy Your Stylish Wall Mounted TV

Installing Mounts

Always Read Instructions Before Starting Installation

It is actually quite easy! If you have basic aptitude with tools, you can do it! It’s best to have a helper since TVs can be large, and expensive. Make sure you have all the recommended tools before you start.

Refer to the simple instructions that are included with the product. Generally, mounting a TV has 3-4 easy steps, however depending on the TV mount design this can vary, please refer to your instructions.

If you have misplaced your instructions, they can be downloaded from the company website.

Assemble and/or Prepare the TV Mount Carefully Mark and Drill Holes in the Wall Install the Mount on the Wall Using the Included Hardware Hang the TV on the Mount Pat Yourself on the Back for a Job Well Done

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Low Profile


Full Motion

Ultra Low Profile

Wall Positioning
Close to Wall for a Sleek Installation Perfect for Higher On-Wall Positions and Managing Glare Great for Optimizing Viewing Angles, and Positioning TV in or Near a Corner Closest to the Wall when Sleek Appearance is Most Important

Up to 25″ Screens
SWIFT100-AP Profile from Wall: 0.55″ VESA Compliant: 50×50-100x100mm Supports: 33lbs SWIFT110-AP Profile from Wall: 1.1″ Degrees of Tilt: 0-15 VESA Compliant: 75×75-100x100mm Supports: 33lbs SWIFT140-AP Retracted Profile: 2″ Extended Profile: 10.8″ / 275mm Degrees of Tilt: +15 VESA Compliant: 75×75-100x100mm Supports: 33lbs

Up to 39″ Screens
SWIFT200-AP Profile from Wall: 0.55″ VESA Compliant: 75×75-200x200mm Supports: 44lbs SWIFT210-AP Profile from Wall: 1.1″ Degrees of Tilt: +15 VESA Compliant: 75×75-200x200mm Supports: 44lbs SWIFT240-AP Retracted Profile: 2.2″ Extended Profile: 15.7″ / 400mm Degrees of Tilt: -5 / +15 VESA Compliant: 75×75-200x200mm Supports: 44lbs

26 – 55″ Screens
SWIFT400-AP Profile from Wall: 1.06″ VESA Compliant: 100×100-400x400mm Supports: 88lbs Includes Bubble Level SWIFT410-AP Profile from Wall: 1.5″ Degrees of Tilt: -5 / +15 VESA Compliant: 100×100-400x400mm Supports: 88lbs Includes Bubble Level SWIFT440-AP Retracted Profile: 3.2″ Extended Profile: 18.7″ / 475mm Degrees of Tilt: -5 / +15 VESA Compliant: 100×100-400x400mm Supports: 88lbs Includes Bubble Level SWIFT400LED-AP Profile from Wall: 0.66″ VESA Compliant: 100×100-400x400mm Supports: 66lbs Includes Bubble Level

37 – 80″ Screens
SWIFT600-AP Profile from Wall: 1.06″ VESA Compliant: 100×100-600x400mm Supports: 132lbs Includes Bubble Level SWIFT610-AP Profile from Wall: 1.5″ Degrees of Tilt: -5 / +15 VESA Compliant: 100×100-600x400mm Supports: 132lbs Includes Bubble Level SWIFT650-AP Retracted Profile: 3.3″ Distance out: 21.1″ / 537mm Degrees of Tilt: -5 / +15 VESA Compliant: 100×100-600x400mm Supports: 101lbs Includes Bubble Level SWIFT600LED-AP Profile from Wall: 1.06″ VESA Compliant: 100×100-600x400mm Supports: 101lbs Includes Bubble Level

Supports TVs up to 33 lbs
Multi-Position Adjustment for Best Viewing Angles, Reduced Glare, or Corner Mounting
75×75 to 100x100mm VESA Mounting Patterns
Quick, Easy, and Secure Installation with Included Hardware

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